Monday, 29 November 2010

Healthy. Wealthy. And almost Wise.

Sooner or later, one is bound to realise:
  • That there is no joy in actually 'paying' a person to tell you to run on machines, which have ridiculous rotating motors in them, when you'd rather run at the beach.. And to cycle on cycles which take you nowhere really, when you'd rather cycle to your best friend's home & watch TV together..
  • That Health is what you have when your sides hurt, laughing with friends - outside class. But mostly inside of it.
  • That there is much joy in sharing food. With friends, strangers, street-kids. Food & even smiles. Infectious they are, really haan..
  • That 'the more you give, the more you receive'.. Just like Principal Sr Marion said at the School Assembly in Primary School. It is the only Wealth - being able to give, expecting nothing in return (except a smile maybe).. Maybe..
  • That Wisdom comes with age. But sometimes, Age comes alone. So being nice to Uncle Wisdom already will not be such a bad idea. It'll get boring with just Age to keep me company after a while.
  • That the greatest Wisdom right now is - Final CA is ginormous. At various levels..
Gotta get cracking. And I'll realise - sooner, rather than later.


inlite said...
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Avinash Shahri said...

Let's share Peppy in the colony?! :D :P