Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Bombay brawls..

[Bombay - It never gets old huh? - Nope. It kinda makes you wanna break into song.. ;)]

Purple bus. Flashy new train. Crazy untimely Bombay rain.
Foot non-path. All their wrath. Luke-warm vanilla summer bath.
Bandra fish smell. A wishing well. B W S to the L.
Open sun roof. Women aloof. Traffic-jam-fight: calling truce.
Terror strikes. Open mics. Messy curly or mini spikes?
Where trains roll. Buses brawl. The 'sky walks'. But the roads crawl..

Cheers. Keedas. Peace

PS: Feels great to be back. And to resume with, what's more inspiring than Bombay, haan?

PPS: Outta the 4 people reading this (*waves at Muddu*), for those who haven't heard the Discovery Channel's extremely singable/ hummable commercial - 'Boom de yada!', which starts with - "It never gets old huh? - Nope. It kinda makes you wanna break into song..", here it is!

And those who haven't heard David Gray's 'Babylon' really really must have a listen!

To winter! Brrrr.. :)

Monday, 6 July 2009


An incense stick burns
at the white mini-spaceship overhead
Its beeper meekly beeps
The red light's obediently red
"The fire alarm works fine, Sir,
your cabin's checked.
Just keep the smoke detector on",
the office boy said.
He heard the boy, asleep with his eyes open, but His heart bled

And the next thing He knew, His desk was a pyre.
Now He wished the office copies were unceremoniously cremated there
Or that He could get a sub or a temp from somewhere
Or that just tomorrow, He'd be free as a bird to retire.
Hari Sadu had just canned His sabbatical-in-the-making.
Burning mad, He spitefully hated that liar
And although the smoke-D had failed to catch it,
His roof, his roof, his roof was on fire..

To office goers,

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.


Monday, 29 June 2009

We jaywalk, sing & go radio ga ga!

While most Mondays are messy, some are less painful than the others. What makes them less painful? Jaywalking & good music. Jaywalking is easy & a lot of fun. In fact, jaywalking is mandatory here. Only a successful jaywalker gets to office/college in time.

What is even more fun than jaywalking is getting to hear a killer song on the radio while just surfing through the presets. It is not uncommon to find people like me, swiftly walking the throbbing roads, skip in the step, singing along unawares with 'Jaane kyun', 'Genda Phool', 'Twist' or 'Desi Girl'.

A notch above a killer song on the radio is a killer song in the BEST bus in-house entertainment service & when you hear (& watch) 'Ek chatur naar' from 'Padosan', on your way to a Monday morning in office, things start looking up. And lines like 'o rey ghodey, aumko godaa bola; aye nigodey, aumko gaali diya ji; badi dekhi teri chaturaayi..' keep playing in your head, thus helping you retain your sanity! Such happenings make you forget how disgustingly non-chivalrous a society ours is. More on that another time.

Well, here's to Mondays & good music. And a belated Yappy Budday to Pancham 'Boss' Da. And the laser show that just got done at the sea-link was quite a spectacle; looks like this is not such a bad Monday after all!

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

PS: Almost all of us get the new-week blues but Pandey prefers the 'Monday morning Bru's instead! :D As for me, I don't mind most Monday morning brews either :P

Sunday, 26 April 2009

When people talk

Blind humour:
Me (with an eye infection): Arey, which bus is that?
Muddu: Seven O seven
Me: Oh ok. Mumbai's very own Double O Seven, Bond vehicle
Muddu (long pause): Die
Me: Yes. But another day :)

And while we're talking about talking (crap) I won't be surprised if these conversations really do happen. All these couples & wannabe couples in the library nah..

Guy: So are you done with Company Final Accounts?
Girl: Yes, why?
Guy: Oh good. Then can you help me tally the balance sheet of my life?

Guy (to Girl): So.. Wanna go out for coffee? Friday evening? Friday, the 12th of June, that is..

PS: For all the happy people, 12th June is when exams end, by the way.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sleeping pill

Audit is my sleeping pill,
I read it for Group-I mental peace,
It conveniently puts me to sleep,
And also - an overdose can kill.


Pachaas pachaas kos gaao mein, jab wannabe CA bachcha raat ko timepass karta hai, toh Maa kehti hai, "Beti soo jaa, soo jaa warna Audit Module haath mein thama doongi, aur phir tujhe jabardasti sona padega"

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Pearls before (I) whine

  • The title might not make much sense to everyone. So what? Names of Chapters do not always match the content either.
  • Everything in life can be explained by either a flowchart or a 2-dimensional graph.
  • Subjects like Strategic Management & Information Technology are not completely useless after all. They help increase your bullshit tolerance (BST)
  • High BST is important in life. It helps certain TV programmes on MTV survive.
  • There is no such thing as correct grammar. Try reading ICAI publications.
  • Sometimes you need an illness to make you appreciate the wonder that is coconut water.
  • Varun Gandhi who?
  • Logging on to Facebook after a whole week can be very satisfying. Gives you the feeling of reclaiming your 'non virtual' life, becoming more 'socially configured'!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Arz kiya hai.. :D

Har Sunday "Howzzat!" ki cheekhon se neend khulti thi,
BSA Champ cycle par baith duniya rangeen dikhti thi,
Saakli mein 'denner' ban ne se bachte the hum,
Small Wonder dekhne ghar daudte the hum.
Ab snooze pe rakhey alarm ko, bechain, hum so rahe hain,
Driving license na hone ke gham mein ro rahe hain,
Padhaai se oob jaane ke kaaran ghar se nikaltey hi nahi,
Ultey TV-internet ke daldal mein apna santulan kho rahe hain..

Rock sirf patthar ka angrezi naam tha,
Ek rupye ki 'pepsi', do ki 'juice' hamara jaam tha,
Meethi 'cigarette' muh mein rakh, humne badi hoshiyari dikhaai,
Doston ko garv se kehte - Maa Natraj Pencils ka poora dabba laayi!
Ab iPod ki battery low toh saari duniya se rooth padtey,
Cold coffee na milne par choor-choor ho toot padtey,
Khaas-khaas kar 'public place smokers' ko mann hi mann gaali diye,
Staedtler ki maaya mein hum phasey padey..

Notebook mein teacher ke red tick-marks nahi, zindagi mein green rang barse,
Kitaabon ki guftagu mein ghantey guzaare beetey arsey,
Woh bhi kya daur tha - 85 se kam ki baat tak na hoti thi,
Ab 65 ka aggregate dekhne nayan tarse.. nayan tarse..!

Why of course, blog posts happen during exams only :) Let the fun times roll..

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Merry musings & a normal New Year

This winter, like every other, is urging & inspiring me to write. Alas, I'm not moved. Maybe there is nothing specific in my head I can put down. Maybe there is too much, I don’t know. But, for this splendid winter’s sake, I sit, pen & paper in hand, & let a good old fashioned random rant out..

It has been some year – form last winter to this one. Take South Bombay for instance – the once elusive, land of far far away soon became a terminus on my Railway Season Ticket. Churchgate wasn’t the mysterious, seldom visited part of the city anymore. Now, it was all about the train schedules, bus rides, rickety cabs, ganna juice, cold coffee (the saviour), pocketless trousers, jaywalking..articleship, to sum it all up. Soon enough, this phase ended too. Churchgate, once again, became the land of far far away, to my relief this time. When I went back there, a week after 26/11, I felt uncomfortable. I knew the streets too well & for once, I truly missed articleship. After a week of partial insomnia & watching my favourite part of the city on news channels, it was good to be there & see it like it used to be; only a little tattered & crowded now. I slept well that night. Can’t wait to renew the Season Ticket!

Also, in winter I’m most prone to a nostalgia attack. So when I met a few school friends at a college fest recently, I got thinking about how carefree school & JC life was & how I’d tell them (my science stream pals) “Don’t worry, you guys are frustrated now. After 2 years, I will be!” Given my powers in clairvoyance, here I am :P

Amidst all the irritation, humour is easy to find & it’s what keeps me & my girls alive at the end of 5 hour-long lectures on direct taxation. In an accounts lecture once, the professor asked the class to come up with the solution to two of the toughest Schedules in the question, in return for which he would solve the other two Schedules, which were a cakewalk anyway. In response, albeit (& gratefully) not too loudly, Mudra told him – “Sir aap humein khoon do, hum aapko aazaadi dengey..” At a seminar cum pep-talk, a speaker was telling us how some married women also, even after giving birth to children, have cleared professional exams; to which my involuntary reaction was – “Wasn’t labour pain bad enough?”

My thoughts, like my parlance, have become very textbook-centric. That’s why, when someone asks how long I’ll take to get to class, I reply – “30 minutes. That includes a provision for slow-walkers & TCs at the station. Might reach sooner if no TC” When a friend asks if she can borrow my book, much to her annoyance & my nerdiness induced pleasure, I counter question “But under which section?” Then again, change in thoughts, like in people, is inevitable, no?

And in present day, after over a year of longing & craving for the freedom to wear jeans & a tee instead of trousers & shirts, I finally have the liberty to do so. But when I open my cupboard, it’s the casuals that are the hardest to find. As an annoying pg. 3 columnist would put it, ‘such is life, dearies!’

So as my merry musings end & I wish the 4 people reading this post a nice, normal New Year, I know for a fact that my ‘2 oh-oh 9’ is going to be anything but normal. For starters, the next 4 months & 14 (or so) days are probably going to be the most somber 4 months & 14 days of my life. And I am all geared up for some cyberspace hibernation. Till then, so long! ..and thanks for all the fish! :D

Cheers. Keedas (but limited). Peace.