Sunday, 26 April 2009

When people talk

Blind humour:
Me (with an eye infection): Arey, which bus is that?
Muddu: Seven O seven
Me: Oh ok. Mumbai's very own Double O Seven, Bond vehicle
Muddu (long pause): Die
Me: Yes. But another day :)

And while we're talking about talking (crap) I won't be surprised if these conversations really do happen. All these couples & wannabe couples in the library nah..

Guy: So are you done with Company Final Accounts?
Girl: Yes, why?
Guy: Oh good. Then can you help me tally the balance sheet of my life?

Guy (to Girl): So.. Wanna go out for coffee? Friday evening? Friday, the 12th of June, that is..

PS: For all the happy people, 12th June is when exams end, by the way.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sleeping pill

Audit is my sleeping pill,
I read it for Group-I mental peace,
It conveniently puts me to sleep,
And also - an overdose can kill.


Pachaas pachaas kos gaao mein, jab wannabe CA bachcha raat ko timepass karta hai, toh Maa kehti hai, "Beti soo jaa, soo jaa warna Audit Module haath mein thama doongi, aur phir tujhe jabardasti sona padega"