Monday, 25 August 2008

Vodafone Woes

(Lets forget all about inflation before reading this, yes?)

a.) This post is an outcome of the sudden break in the daily schedule. The fact that I had a Monday evening without class was so exciting, I didn’t even mind walking up to the Vodafone store to annoy them ‘happy to help’ kids!

b.) This ‘Monday evening at Vodafone store’ is not my idea of a fun-time off. But you see, when you’re paying through your nose for something as vital & essential to survival as text messaging, you don’t mind a 10 minute walk & a 40 minute wait (about which, we shall talk soon..)

I was actually doing something different this evening – different from the usual ‘class’ that is. I was walking to the Vodafone store. Okay, I'm over it now.

These guys are rip offs. The bill last month was a shocker. Ask my folks! It was about time I went to talk business with one of them Vodafone fellows and that was exactly what I intended to do. But like every girl on a mission, I had to battle it out – with the hordes who had incidentally planned on paying the store a visit at exactly the same hour.

Anyhoo, it was a relief to see a computerized, touch screen token generating machine at the doorstep. A very Matrix-esque backdrop it was – blinding white walls & the machine. Technology for the masses - I give credit where it is due. And then the time killing began. I couldn't help but frown at the staff who very gingerly, served with a smile. Well, again, the smiles were appreciated. But then again, they had better serve us with smiles – those smiles were burning holes in my Dad’s wallet you know.

This was my vengeance for having chosen Orange/ Hutch/ Vodafone. Somehow, after 294, 297 & 303 had all gone before me (292) the wait was over. As regards the injustice, probing into the matter proved futile. Weary, I walked to the appointed counter to hear the customer care executive say, as if having read my mind, “Sorry to keep you waiting (wide grin)”. An apology? Solace; momentary but solace nonetheless. I giggled in my head & managed a blasé smile – “That’s alright (not)”

Talking business was easy. This was the fun part. I bashed him & demanded a cheaper tariff plan. I probed into a scheme & smirked when I hit bull’s-eye & actually blurted out – “ that’s the trick”. A little later, in realization of my shameless assertiveness, I toned down & settled for a scheme that I might term ‘slightly better’ than what I was living with for all these years.

The hour at the Vodafone store was worth the mindlessness of the initial 35 minutes & the engaging, almost bargain inducing 15 minutes at the customer-desk. I walked out, feeling a little empowered & a little guilty –
“I'm sorry God, I know it isn’t that guy’s fault that service providers are such rip offs. He just happened to be in my line of fire. Apologies.”

Text messaging will hopefully be taxing only on the thumb & a little easier on the pocket now. It is amazing how these network provider companies make mass-popats out of all, yes all of us! Then again; can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

PS: No more venting out anger in the next few posts. Promise. But while we're at it, can someone please make local trains emptier? The Churchgate fast is khachakhach crowded even at 1.30 in the afternoon!
One more thing - we need more 'Rock On!' like music in Bollywood. Not 'tujhe Aksa beach ghumaaon, aa chalti kya?'
And also, Splitsvilla must end. Period.

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Snooze On

Snooze On! - hai yeh clock ka ishaara

Snooze On! - har takiyaa pukaar raha

Snooze On! - arey uthta hai kyon tu?

Snooze On! - Monday mornings aa jaayegi dobara!

[Because sometimes, parodies just happen - even on Monday mornings :)]