Thursday, 24 July 2008


Passing thought:

'Oh come on, you ought to know how bloggers feel about comments! A 'comment', to them, is like their stipend - a minuscule symbol of their tireless labour being appreciated. A small little thing, yet immaculately invaluable..'


'Its a different story some bloggers are affluent in both comments and stipends. Hmpf.'

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Re: Anger management

  • First, global warming, climate change & the universal crisis is all boo-huggie. Then, the poor ol' scientists & professors who proposed theories of a universal crisis, who drive around in economy class Santros & Swifts are penalised by sky-rocketing fuel prices and those who don't care two hoots about how much petrol their Z-Class Volkswagen guzzles up, drive around town (the air conditioning switched on, mind you) mocking at everyone who doesn't want to take his car to work today - courtesy price hike. Anyone ever heard of progressive taxation? How about using progressive pricing for the amiir baap ki bigdi hui aulaad? Why must the economising, level-headed man pay for the exorbitant petrol?
  • Lock a bunch of girls desperate for a date with a wannabe Roadie in a huge house together & what do you get? Ans: A bunch of losers who would go no end to an appreciative gesture from a guy who was just some guy a couple of days ago. Sheesh - who knows these guys even now? Whatever happened to feminism & self-respect? Hell, I don't even know where to start making fun of this show! Die Splitsvilla. Period.
  • I don't get eunuchs. Not all of the ones we see in trains & all are genuine, methinks. What is on their mind? "Look kid, I'm a man in woman's clothing. I rubbed my palms all over your head & blessed you with a good husband & a happy life. So give me your money. Now."
  • As it is, the whole idea of 'working' in an 'office' is gradually seeming quite banal. To top that, when I do manage to waste time by colouring cells in MS Excel sheets in the colours of the flags of the countries playing Euro 2008, some random female/ male must, mandatorily peep at my monitor & give me the 'OMG you're wasting time!' look. Where is the love, people?
  • I'll kill anyone who spreads her legs while seated in a local train, in order to occupy more space/ sit comfortably. I'll also assault anyone who litters. Ok, maybe I won't be that harsh. But that doesn't mean these kinda people don't enrage me!
  • I had fond memories of the epic Mahabharata. You'll pay for this, Ekta K-kk-kkapoor.

Cheers. Keedas. Aaarrghh!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

..yu hi nahi dil lubhataa koi!

Platonic love doesn't last, every love-story must end on an airport; no matter what, the hero will get to the love of his life before her flight takes off to another world are only a couple of movie clichés I detest. Needless to say, Bollywood movies with these clichés are not too likeable. But there is one that is.

Imran Khan aka Ranjhore ke rajkumar Jai Singh Rathore looks, acts & laughs like chahu-jaan, a lot! Genelia is the bubbly, loud Meow but Imran pretty much steals the Aditi-show. Its not the most imaginative storyline but there's just so much truth, honest college humour, Bombay & Imran Khan (sigh) in it. We call some movies ridiculous. This one was insane! Who makes a debutante ride a horse around South Bombay? Abbas Tyrewala does - and how! This one is filled with new faces & hilarious stereotypes we fail to notice. I like the attention given to fine details - like the choice of tea cups to match Mom Ratna Pathak's personality & like Mayank Shekhar rightly observed, her collection of books. Speaking of the integral soundtrack, Rehman rolls out a winner, yet again!

Besura singing, tragedy-struck melodramatic dialogues like "one Coke..on the rocks" make this flick a laugh riot and all the Bombay locales make Bombay all the more loveable! Its probably the first movie (I cannot think of any other) I have watched on the big-screen twice in the same week & enjoyed. Its almost like watching a friend's video documentary on the lives of, well, his friends! Easily, 'Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na' is one movie with an airport-scene climax that I loved dearly!

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

PS: Can't wait for 'Rock On!' and must get back to studies. Hell, two back-to-back movie reviews. Where's the nerd brigade!?