Monday, 29 June 2009

We jaywalk, sing & go radio ga ga!

While most Mondays are messy, some are less painful than the others. What makes them less painful? Jaywalking & good music. Jaywalking is easy & a lot of fun. In fact, jaywalking is mandatory here. Only a successful jaywalker gets to office/college in time.

What is even more fun than jaywalking is getting to hear a killer song on the radio while just surfing through the presets. It is not uncommon to find people like me, swiftly walking the throbbing roads, skip in the step, singing along unawares with 'Jaane kyun', 'Genda Phool', 'Twist' or 'Desi Girl'.

A notch above a killer song on the radio is a killer song in the BEST bus in-house entertainment service & when you hear (& watch) 'Ek chatur naar' from 'Padosan', on your way to a Monday morning in office, things start looking up. And lines like 'o rey ghodey, aumko godaa bola; aye nigodey, aumko gaali diya ji; badi dekhi teri chaturaayi..' keep playing in your head, thus helping you retain your sanity! Such happenings make you forget how disgustingly non-chivalrous a society ours is. More on that another time.

Well, here's to Mondays & good music. And a belated Yappy Budday to Pancham 'Boss' Da. And the laser show that just got done at the sea-link was quite a spectacle; looks like this is not such a bad Monday after all!

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

PS: Almost all of us get the new-week blues but Pandey prefers the 'Monday morning Bru's instead! :D As for me, I don't mind most Monday morning brews either :P