Saturday, 25 October 2008

So many things..

An impromptu evening out with girlfriends was about as much fun as I can remember having in a long long time. The last was probably at Umang, 2 months ago. Anyway, I digress. The kadak katting (cutting, if you please) had made me chattier than usual & the banter carried on even after I had yelled out my goodbyes, from a rickshaw, to Muddu, Apu & Stu (notice how lovely nicknames sound ending in the sound of 'ooh'). Riding past 'Jalsa', my auto waalah started sharing with me his views on the ongoing squabbles in Mumbai. Shocked at first, I could only sympathise with his getting nostalgic over how Amitabh Bachchan had inaugrated something in his village when he was all of 9. Now he drives by Amit ji's bungalow almost everyday.

I was not too keen on answering a question he posed before me - 'Film industry mein bahut log uttar bhartiya hai na? Yeh Aishwarya Rai bhi north ki hain na? He was intent on narrating to me how most of his friends are in the film-line now, doing petty jobs, but in the industry nonetheless & how he must ride his rickshaw because ghar chalaana hai.. Can anyone expect peace in Bombay? We hope..

I want to go for the October 31st concert but I need to start studying for my exams, which are 6 months away.
I want to learn how to drive a car but instead, I need to spend my mornings reading books that collectively weigh more than I do.
I want to watch Karzzzz but I need to attend classes.
How we must live between our wants & needs! Keynes zindabaad!

Happy Diwali yevrybuddy! Don't burst crackers. Light lanterns, ok?

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

Sunday, 12 October 2008


September 29, 2008:


Obituary: This day, we wish to pray for all those who have departed & left us for a better place. Our world without you seems incomplete but I reckon you won’t be too gravely missed. Kindly observe a moment of silence for the untimely & gruesome death of Violence, Theft, Poverty and Insensitivity. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

..but this thought only flashes across my mind after the trauma has been eased, the tears have dried. The rational mind speaks after I have cried.

I tend to get too attached – to my favourite things & people alike.
The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 doesn't matter.
What matters is the grave loss of a friend, the vacuum it leaves behind – the memories that were made together & immortalized in the last year & a half.

‘What is yours can never be taken away from you; what you lose was never your own in the first place.’
- The wisdom of a friend; too profound to ever occur to me.

The photographs – clicked, collected, cherished, flaunted..loved.
The texts – surprises, greetings, poems, songs, random conversations..memories.
The alarm clock – to wake me up to study for my FC paper; snatched away from me before the paper could be written.
The notes – written in trains & buses, not to be erased, never in hell to be stolen.
Virtual glimpses of the past leave me dazed, bruised & a tad confused. The rational mind can do nothing about this.

What good can happen to a person who can be so insensitive as to steal an indispensible part of an average teenager’s life? What will I tell him if I should happen to meet him?
The thoughts keep coming – what if? But why? Why did I not? The rational mind answers – it was just meant to be..

To the world – memories will be made again.
To my cell phone – there will be no one quite like you.
And lastly, to my aggressor – may the monetary benefit from your stealth suffice to buy you back your dignity.

Yes Peru, even this is Bombay.

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

PS: Yes, I lost my cell phone to an act no less than an act of terrorism. It is not the end of the world. There have been other mind-numbing realities that have caught me by the collar & shaken me up in the last 12 days. But the Nokia 6233, I still miss.