Thursday, 10 June 2010

Love affairs of a Lifetime..

With the benefit of hindsight, Pop will be your childhood sweetheart - merely a funny, yet memorable mistake..

House and Trance could be your melancholy whores - pleasurable for but a young and reckless evening or two..

Rock 'n' roll will be your quarter-life crisis companion - fueling quiet thought and rebellion alike, to stick it out with you for life..

Alternative Rock will be your other best bud, introducing you to Club Rock at a party.. or Classic Ballads on your first (second, third..) heartbreak..

Jazz and R'n'B, many might fancy, as the secret love affair when they start taking Rock 'n' roll for granted..

Easy Listening will pillow-talk with you when no one else will.. & is most certain to walk into the sunset with you when your ears are too weak to listen to any more Music, of any kind..

No matter what your Genre, it's the Lyrics that will shine on.. With you, forever..

Save the Lyrics. Only 1409 meaningful songs left! :)

PS: Dedicated to Music. Lyrics. iPods. Baz Lurhman. And also to Jack Johnson - the new age Bob Dylan & my hero!

Cheers. Keedas. Peace. I'm back ;)


Pratz said...

Nice post.. I like..

welcome back

Abid said...


Hindi Music, old and new - Simplicity, heartfelt emotions, melody, love and life!

Any folk music, especially French, Irish - Full of lust for life, which you will so hopelessly chase once you start wearing older people's clothes

Classical Music - Tells you you are living a life less ordinary. Offering a glimpse, no matter how ephemeral, of the hope that perhaps there is a way in which you can be one with a higher consciousness, despite all the ennui induced by a pedestrian life, lived paycheck to paycheck

There are many more, but these, i care more about

Peru said...

@ Pratz: Thank you :) Good to see ol' blog pals still around!

@ Arbid: Hindi music is timeless, always a favourite, deserving of an entire blog post just by itself :) The others, I take your word, ol' fellow.. Chasing the lust for life, are we?

Mudra said...

I lurve Jack Johnson too, bey :D

Sups said...

Jack Johnson! Yes! \m/

That was a good one. One that I'll remember. True that bit about pop-..i think I skipped the house and trance phase of life. :)

How goes? I'm trudging along 2 blogs that noone visits, and one that no one knows of. Putting the link for the new one here..but the spaces one is still alive!

Peru said...

Suppppsss! I pretty much hit fast forward to house & trance too! :P

Wanna check Spaces bur the new one is loverly too! Why can't I post good ol fashioned 'comments' though?! The cup of coffee is sooo pretty, thinking & gardening..haha.. I so hope you're reading this! Much love, blog on! :)

Sups said...

no new post?

i've been trying to figure out a comments panel on that tumblr blog..needs a little more of brain-racking.

Yeah that coffee cup was a retumble (like retweet) on twitter?

Supriya said...

yo. figured out the comments thingie. added an app for that.

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bluebassangel said...
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