Monday, 13 August 2012

On making a comeback

This would've been a lot easier if I was the elder of the Kapoor sisters. Or Mrs. Bachchan Junior. Or best, Madhuri Dixit Nene. Yes, I'd even prefer that. Comeback Queen, she is! But well..

My writing habit eluded me in the midst of a year of exams, interviews, training sessions in communication, management, MS Excel (heck, I love Excel though) & incidents involving: strangers, grammatical errors, kitten heels, libraries, BEST buses (& my love for the double decker type), the sea, the beach, driving, board games & some crazy birthday celebrations. Small scribbles in my diary weren't enough & eventually, those died out too.

I convinced myself that it was okay, I could always write later & tried to focus on the conventionally important things instead. Soon enough, I realised that the most important thingsin life..aren't things! ( of the mill gyaan, you're welcome) & that my writing, however juvenile it may be at times, is my meditation (along with long drives, especially on highways. More on that later!)

Clearly, a lot has been left *long pause* unwritten. Thankfully, I have slayed the monster I call Procrastination & emerged victorious, back here. So hello to all, & to all, a good day!

You will hear from me soon. Yes, you.


Prince Ani said...

Welcome back miss! Use some app na.

Prerna said...

Hello there! Thank you :)
Yes, doing precisely that now!